Circumstances business negotiations

Circumstances business negotiations, wearing a qipao with a special emphasis on ethnic characteristics is not as good as wearing a suit dress with professional characteristics.

In wedding, wedding and other happy occasions, wearing aspects and other social occasions have common, all need to wear formal clothing. But unlike occasions such as negotiations and meetings, wearing can be more relaxed and natural, with a little personality, such as women can be more gorgeous than business and professional wear. Tuxedo is black in color, top and bottom is peak barge, the refueling head USES real satin. The hem protrudes from the side seam. Two braided belts are added at the side seam, and the cuff is turned inside. Waistcoat collar with white and white butterfly tie; The shoes are patent leather dancing shoes. It is the most common kind of dress that can decorate a figure most, characteristic is before short hind is long, former length stops at waist, hind pendulum is stretched, variable show slender leg, have the effect that contracts the waist. A tuxedo is a formal dress. In addition to a vest, a tuxedo with a dovetail style can also be worn with a brooch and a scarf to add formal glamour.

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