will become more fashionable and have a taste. When matching clothes of the same style or color, there will be a different aesthetic feeling. Let oneself wear vogue, still can match a few necklace, footchain, bracelet, bracelet to wait, can have fashionable feeling, still have the small article such as sweater chain repair decorations, feeling can rise a grade.

Hats and sunglasses are also a necessary fashion item, especially for women who are tall and slim. In our daily life, we often see black, white, grey and other colors. Black, white, gray are colorless, so no matter which color they match with, do not appear big problem. Generally speaking, if the same color and white match, will appear bright; It’s dark when paired with black. Therefore, the color of the dress should be measured first, you are to highlight which part of the dress. Do not take calm color, for example: dark brown, deep purple and black match, such meeting and black present

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