How to match clothes quickly find their own style

How to match clothes quickly find their own style What do you see yourself as, a college student? New to the workplace? What is your temperament? The dressing style of the undergraduate can be partial to girl, a bit more recreational, duty field personage may want to make the temperament with a bit more able, mature 2, how to choose the dress design that suits oneself? After grasping integral style, should choose the dress design that can let him develop strong points and avoid weaknesses. If you have a lot of flesh on your arms, don’t choose bubble sleeves. If your butt is big and your thighs are thick, buy dresses instead of tight pants. You can read other people’s minds and do things in a decent way. You are the most feminine type, natural and romantic. There is a natural irresistible temperament, go where are very popular.

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